I grew up in a small midwestern town called Chicago. Living there gave me a rewarding life, but as I aged I became allergic to traffic, cold, snow, and wind. I had always loved the West, as my Dad would take us on a vacation here nearly every summer. I worked as a manager in the Kraft Foods corporate arena, and was able to spend the last years of my career in Arizona, and finally retired here. I've been here about 15 years, half in Tucson, and half in the Phoenix area. I have grandkids in Chicago and in Prescott. I am also a photographer, and that hobby has taken me all over the state, so I've come to know a few things about Arizona, and I love to share with folks who have similar tastes. In fact, my love of Arizona is what has led me to get involved selling homes. It gives me an opportunity to help buyers see what I have learned, both the good and the bad. Admittedly, I am not the top selling agent in Phoenix. I regularly see signs from agents who boast this claim. They are often too busy to get completely involved, and usually just make first contacts before passing off the work to a subordinate. In fact, I am just a part time agent who loves helping folks. Being retired, I am not under pressure to sell, and this helps you in several ways. As a part timer, I manage my workload so that I can give you all the attention you need. My prior clients have had experiences with other agents over their lifetimes, and they often have two major complaints. One is that agents have been unresponsive, and often don't return phone calls. I may not always answer my phone, but when I don't, I will always respond quickly. They also told me they have not always felt that their interests had priority over their agent's interests, and that they appreciate my honesty above all. While I can't speak for other agents, I can promise you that I provide honest and attentive service, just as I would expect myself. Guaranteed. I served in the US Army back in the 1970s. As a Vietnam-era veteran, I am particularly aware of the sacrifices made by our veterans. That is one reason I joined Long Realty West Valley - the broker here donates part of every transaction to the Wounded Warrior Project. When I learned of this support, I decided to follow suit and I donate 5% of all my commissions to the Project. Further, as I build my business going forward, my plan is to specialize in helping military and veteran families find housing.

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